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To use Help
Finding your way around Aquira
Using the Preview Pane
Tool Bar Buttons
Lookup Button
Explorer Accordion
Viewing Hidden Menus
Rearranging Windows
Search Options
Customising your Browse Grids
Changing Column Grouping
Using Aquira
Common Tasks
Hiding or Displaying Grid Columns
Default Printer
More on Attachments
Email Address Validation
Working in the Calendar
Creating and Editing Calls
Avails Analysis
Running an Avails Report
The difference between Break Day Part and Spot Day Part
Avails Analysis Example
Creating an Avails or Yield Analysis Pre-set Filter
Yield Analysis
Running a Yield Analysis Report
Yield Analysis Example
Clients Browse
Creating a Client
Client General Tab
Address and Telephone Field Restrictions
Client Advertiser Tab
Client Advertiser General
Client Advertiser Separation
Client Advertiser Agreement
Client Account Tab
Client Account General
Account Warnings in Contracts
Client Account Balance Summary
Client Account Payment Types
To Assign Payment Types
To Edit Payments Fields Default Values
Client Account Transactions
Client Contacts Tab
Client Calls Tab
Client Attachments Tab
Client History Tab
Client Report Tab
All About Clients
Client Status
Searching for Clients
Adding Agreements to Clients
Add or Remove Sales Reps
Update Geolocations
Contracts Browse
Viewing Contracts
Creating a Contract
General Details
Advertiser/Sales Rep/Rate Card Relationship on a Contract
Contracts with Discount and Loading Examples
Contracts for Clients with Agreements
Line Summary
Proposed Contract View
Contract View
Spotlines Browse
To enter Spotlines
Generate Spots
Spot Generation Information
Spotline Filler Tab
Spotline Options
Quick Data Input
Station Detail line
Spotline Edit Rules
Booked Spots vs Total Spots
Copy or Repeat Spotlines
Copy From Spotlines
Copy From Spotlines into a New Contract
Copy From Spotlines into an Existing Contract
Splitting a Spotline
Editing Spotline Classifications
Adding a Web Line
How DFP Works
Rules when using DFP
Splitting a Web Line
Web Format
Web Purchase Type
Web Placement
Billing Plans
Working with Billing Plans
Copy Media Lines
Copy from Other Contracts
Media for Break Positions
Comparing Contract Versions
Proposed Contract History Tab
Audience Types
Using Audience
Additional Information
All About Contracts
Viewing Contract Warnings
Editing a Contract
Rebuilding Contracts & Logs
Searching for Contracts
Spot Formats
Spot Format Moveable Rules
Moveable and Flexible Contracts
Flexible Contract Spotline Entry
Spot Types
Quick Select Station Picker
Quick Select Station Picker on Contract Lines
Quick Select Text Search
Copy or Repeat Other Contract Lines
Copying a Contract
Splitting a Contract
Ending a Contract
Filler Contracts
Any Day Filler Contracts
Spot on Day Filler Contracts
Extras (Spot on Day) Filler Contracts
Filler Giveaways Cancellation
Splitting and Ending Contracts and Spotlines with Make Goods and Fillers
Network Balancing Contracts
Simulcast Contracts
GRP Contracts
GRP Browse
GRP Summary
GRP Spotline Detail
Editing GRP Spots
Auto Charge Lines
To create Auto Charge Lines
When using Auto Charge Lines
Impacts Contracts
Impacts Browse
Importing RICT file Contracts
Audience Information for RBP
Rate Card Avail Percentage Variations in Contracts
Contract Entry and Revisions
Important Rules for Spotline Entry and Revisions
Other Considerations for Spotline Revisions
Contract Revisions from Proposed Contracts and Merging
Demand Driven Rates Examples
Discounts and Rounding
Why is it Done This Way?
Discount and Rounding Examples
Tax Rounding
All About Logs
Logs Browse
Logs Toolbar Function
Unschedule Spots
Delete Spots
Move Spots
Log Activity
Logs Detail
Log Navigation Tips
Lock Spots
Searching in the Log
View a Contract or Advertiser
Modifying Log Notes, Breaks and Clocks
Viewing Moveable Spots in the Log and Recon
How to Deal with Late Bookings
Scheduling Rules
Problems in the Log
Network Balancing
Logs Detail
Network Balancing Troubleshooting
Simulcast Spots
Logs Summary
Scheduling Unscheduled Flexible Spots in Logs
Options to Schedule Unscheduled Flexible Spots (Rotators)
Schedule Unscheduled Flexible Spots from Logs > Browse
Schedule Unscheduled Flexible Spots from Logs > Detail
Using the Unscheduled Spots Pane/Bump List
Using the Move Spots function in the Unscheduled Spots Pane/Bump List
Overnight Routine
Schedule Unscheduled Spots
Overnight Routine Log Activity
Configuring the Schedule Unscheduled Flexible Spots Routines
Multiple Users Editing Logs
Logs with GRP
Logs with Impacts
Spot Audience Information
Never Schedule
Scheduling your Logs
Editing a Log
Scheduling a Log
Unscheduled Spots
Network Balancing Logs
Simulcast Spots in the Logs
Filler Spots Methods
Any Day Filler Spots
Spot on Day Filler Spots
Extras (Spot on Day) Filler Spots
Creating Filler Spots in the Log
Attach Media in the Log
Shuffle Voices in the Log
Play Media in the Log
Move, Delete or Make Good in Logs
Log Adjustments
Deleting Spots in the Log
Moving Spots in the Log
Export a Log
Reconciliations Browse
Editing a Reconciliation
Reconciliations Detail
Move, Delete, Deactivate or Make Good in Recon
Recon Adjustments
Moving Spots in Recon
Deactivate Spots in Recon
Make Good Spots in Recon
Application Security in Reconciliations
Automatically Importing a Reconciliation File
Reconciliations with GRP
Reconciliations with Impacts
Fillers Available Report
Balance Station Network
View the Balance Status of the Station Network
To Balance the Station Network
Logs Dashboard
View the Status of your Logs
RICT Exports
J-ET Export
J-ET Exported File
JCD Export
Create Copy
Add Script to existing Copy
Print or Preview the Copy Script
Searching for Copy
Creating New Media
Play Media
Play Media in Media
Searching for Media
Media History
Media Purging
Purged Media Report
Audio Required
Display Due Media
Update Due Media
Purge List
Uninstructed Contracts Report
Accounts Receivable
Allocating Transactions
Allocations Filters
Allocate a Payment and Invoice
Allocate a Reverse Payment
Using Journal Templates
Working with Payments
Selecting Account and/or Advertiser
Detailed Breakdown
Advance Allocations
Importing Payments
To Import Payments
Troubleshooting Payments
Possible problems with new payments
Possible problems with entered payments
Balance Current Month
Working with Journals
Close Current Month
Clear Account Balances
Opening Balances
Importing Opening Balances
To Import Opening Balances
E-Billing Export
Setup E-Billing Export
E-Billing Configuration
Invoice Export
How to Export Invoices
Invoice Export File details
Invoice Export File Fields
Invoice Export File Fields
Export Invoices Data
Manual Export
Scheduled Export Formats
What Type of Report Should I Use?
Revenue Reports
Revenue (Booked v Actual) Reports
Confirmation Reports
Spot Analysis Reports
Uninstructed Contracts Reports
Avails Reports
Accounts Reports
Transactions Reports
Invoice Reports
Statement Reports
Budgets Reports
Clients Reports
Agreements Reports
Billing Plans Reports
Calls Reports
Yield Analysis Reports
GRP Summary Reports
GRP Detail Reports
Revenue Change Comparison Reports
Revenue Changes Reports
Revenue Change Difference Reports
Logs Reports
Working with Reports
Report Security Edit Modes
Report Security Edit Modes Application Security
Using Report Security Edit Modes
Report Filters
Filter Security Edit Modes
Sharing Filters
Filter Security Edit Modes Application Security
Default Report System Filters
Creating Report Filters
Deleting Report Filters
Copying Report Filters
Quick Filters
Running a Report
Copying a Report
Running a Direct Report
Importing a Report Format
Emailing Reports
Emailing a Report
Emailing Consolidated Invoice Reports
Logging Email Reports in Event Viewer
Exporting a Report Format
Exporting Report Data to other Formats
Exporting Report Data to PDF
Exporting Report Data to Excel
Exporting Report Data to Delimited Text Format
Using the Report Builder
Choosing a Report Style
Building a New Report
Building a Grid Report
Building a Pivot Grid Report
Pivot Style Report
Building a Traditional Report
Report Fonts
Report Columns
Report Groups
Report Editor
Report Columns, Groups and Filters
Email Report Status
Reset Send Date Time
Resend emails (Not Sent)
Editing Recipient Email Addresses
Ageing Analysis
Commissionable Analysis
Commissionable Analysis Preset Layouts
Running a Commissionable Analysis Report
Overdue Analysis
Overdue Analysis Preset Layouts
Running an Overdue Analysis Report
Saving Ageing Analysis Report Filters
Report Subscriptions
Report and Filter selection for Report Subscriptions
Creating Report Subscriptions
Deleting Report Subscriptions
Emailing Report Subscriptions
Backup Database
Update Statistics Partial
Update Statistics Full
Current User Settings
Default Printer
Agreement Types
Creating an Agreement
Approval Levels
Defining Approval Levels
Automation Code Ranges
Working with Automation Code Ranges
Automation Export Formats
To create a new Automation Export Format
Field Definitions in Automation Export Formats
File Header & Footer Field Definitions
Log Break Header & Footer Field Definitions
Spot Field Definitions
Log Note Field Definitions
Formatting Strings
To Import or Export an existing Automation Export Format
Configuring Aquira to Export a Log File
Export a Log
Automation Import Formats
Creating a new Automation Import Format
Creating a new Import Format
Field Definitions in Automation Import Formats
To Import or Export an existing Automation Import Format
Set up to Import a Reconciliation File
Import a Reconciliation File
Automation Servers
Setting up Aquira to Export Plings in a Log File
Clusters and Media Automation Codes
Avail Levels
Creating Avail Levels
Budget Fields
Importing Budgets from Excel
Exporting Budgets to Excel
Call Types
Creating Call Types
Creating Charge Types
Creating Charge Categories
Creating and Editing Clocks
Log Breaks
Creating Log Breaks
Editing a Log Break
Creating Clocks
Editing a Clock
Log Notes
Creating Log Notes
Editing a Log Note
Log Formats
Creating Log Formats
Editing a Log Format
Log Format Assignments
Creating New Log Format Assignments
Clusters and Log Format Assignments
Rebuild the Log Format Assignments
Inserting Clocks into existing Log Format Assignments
Log Format Assignment Statuses
Creating Clusters
Working with Clusters
Creating a Company
Creating Cost Types
Creating Cost Categories
Day Parts
Creating Day Parts and Time Segments
Day Parts using GRP
Creating GRP Demographics
Creating Impacts Demographics
Creating Discount Types
Discounts and Loadings
Creating a Discount or Loading
Discount Percentage Cell Warnings
Export Format
Creating an Export Format
Global Settings
Creating Attributes
Lookup Attributes
System Attributes
J-ET Attributes
Attribute Setup for Quick Select Station Picker
Creating Quick Select Attributes
Assigning Stations/Station Groups Attributes
Attribute Actions
Creating Attribute Actions
Address and Telephone
Global Settings
Configure Database Backup
Billing Frequencies
Invoice Identification Methods
Invoice Due Day
Setting up Co-op Invoices
Attaching Media to a Co-op Contract
Assigning Co-op Media to Copy
Memo Bills
Advertiser and Account
Emailing Reports
Setting up Email Reports
Configuring Email Addresses
Who is Getting the Email Report
Report Subscriptions
Setting up Report Subscriptions
Contract Naming
Spotline Avails
Flexible Weightings for Flexible Spots
Contract History Comparison Colours
Allow Editing of Posted Fields
Custom Credit Check
File Import
Set up to Import RICT file Contracts
Attributes for Importing Contracts (UK)
Attributes for Importing Contracts (Finland)
Import File Fields
Import File Fields (UK)
Import File Fields (Finland)
Creating a Header Script
Creating a Body Script
Overnight Routine
Schedule Unscheduled Spots
Setting up the Schedule Unscheduled Spots Routine
Setting up Stations to use the Schedule Unscheduled Spots Routine
Import Reconciliation Files and Transfer Aired Details
Set up the Import Reconciliation Files or Transfer Aired Details Routine
Set up Stations to use the Import Reconciliation Files or Transfer Aired Details Routine
Break Position
Editing Default Break Positions
Setting up Notifications
Setting up GRP
Importing GRP Files
Setting up Impacts
Setting up Agreements for Aquira2GO
Report Fonts
Direct Reports
Import Settings
Email Servers
Creating Email Servers
Test Email Server Configuration
Journal Templates
Ledger Codes
Creating Ledger Codes
Working with Ledger Codes
Payment Types
Creating Payment Types
Editing Payment Types
Creating Probabilities
Creating Products
Rate Cards
Working with Rate Cards
Base Rate Cards
Creating a Base Rate Card
Aggregate Rates
Editing a Base Rate Card
Adding a Version to a Base Rate Card
Copying Base Rate Cards
Creating a Manual Rates Only Base Rate Card
Rate Cards
Creating a Rate Card
Base Rate Card %
Variance Warning %
Allow Variance
GRP Auto Charge Default
Editing a Rate Card
Adding a Version to a Rate Card
Copying Rate Cards
Allow Moveable/Flexible in Rate Cards
Importing and Exporting
Base Rate Card Import and Export
Importing Base Rate Cards
Exporting Base Rate Cards
Errors Importing or Exporting Base Rate Cards
Rate Card Import and Export
Importing Rate Card Versions
Exporting Rate Card Versions
Errors Importing or Exporting Rate Card Versions
Importing and Exporting Rules
Base Rate Cards and Rate Cards using GRP
Editing Base Rate Cards to add GRP
Editing Rate Cards to add GRP
Viewing GRP in Rate Cards
Editing Rate Cards Rules
Rate Card Variation Percentages
Rate Card Duration Percentages
Creating Rate Card Duration Percentages
Rate Card Break Position Percentages
Creating Rate Card Break Position Percentages
Rate Card Time Restriction Percentages
Creating Rate Card Time Restriction Percentages
Understanding the Duration Range for each Time Restriction Percentage
Rate Card Avail Percentages
Creating Rate Card Avail Percentages
Creating Reasons
Sales Teams
Creating Sales Teams
Creating Sponsorship Types
Creating Sponsorship Categories
Sports Events
Sports Teams
Sports Feeds
Spot Classifications
Creating Spot Classifications
Spot Classifications Display Order in your Log
Creating a Station
Day Parts and Time Segments
Spot Classification
Never Schedule
Product and Advertiser Separation
Product Separation Exceptions
Advertiser Separation Exceptions
Editing Product and/or Advertiser Separation
Time Restrictions
User Access
Copying a Station
Is Radio Station
Is GRP Station
Estimated GRP
GRP Date Ranges
Manual GRP Date Ranges
Automatic GRP Date Ranges
Is Impacts Station
Station Groups
Creating and Editing Station Groups
Creating new Station Group Versions
Station Groups Attributes
Station Networks
Creating Network Balancing Master Stations
Creating Simulcast Master Stations
Creating Tax Codes
Tax Groups
Creating Tax Groups
Changing Tax Codes
Create a New Tax Code
Change Tax Codes in between Months
Create a New Tax Group
Contract Confirmations Example
User Roles
Default Client Status
Application Security
Clusters Application Security
Setting Up User Roles
Users General Details
Data Security
Sales Rep Data Security Setup
Sales Coordinator Data Security Setup
Sales Manager Data Security Setup
Traffic User Data Security Setup
Users History
Users Notifications
How Notifications Work
Setting up Users to receive Email Notifications
To enter the User's email address
To select the Email Notifications
Changing the Notifications Setup
User is a Sales Rep on the Proposal
Proposal I am a Sales Rep on is Submitted
Proposal I am a Sales Rep on is Accepted
Proposal I am a Sales Rep on is Rejected
Proposal I am a Sales Rep on Changes Approval Level
Contract I am a Sales Rep on is Created or Modified
User has Access to the Proposal
Proposal I have Access to is Submitted
Proposal I have Access to is Accepted
Proposal I have Access to is Rejected
Proposal I have Access to Changes Approval Level
Proposal I have Access to Requires Approval by Me
Contract I have Access to is Created or Modified
Searching for Users
Creating Waves
Importing Impacts into a Wave
Web Format
Creating a Web Format
Web Placement
Creating a Web Placement
Web Purchase Type
Creating a Web Purchase Type
Contracts and Proposed Contracts
Getting Help
Logging a Support Call
What software build do I have?
Additional Resources